Arts in Redditch

There are many, many  organisations, foundations and trusts that give grant aid regularly to all sorts of causes.  They have set criteria of what they are willing to support.  

1  Make sure you fit all the criteria, if they only fund registered charities, don’t apply unless you are one.

2  Be brief and to the point, make sure you state clearly what the benefits are of your project.

3  Check the deadlines for applications.  No point in applying if you are too late.

It is just a matter of trawling through them and finding the right ones that support what you are trying to do, and then making an application in the manner prescribed.  Some tips in doing this:-

Below is a link to a portal giving you access to many of the grants available.

We recently held a grant applications workshop entitled “Writing more honest grant applications”.  The pdf below was produced for that workshop.

Writing more honest grant applications pdf