Arts in Redditch

Transcript of Entries in Visitor’s Book – November 2014

Fabulous work by Redditch artists – Tessa

Clearly some talent in Redditch

I agree – P Franks

Fabulous artists – S Watkins

Nice to see a display of local talent

Lovely display with some wonderful artists and displays. Nice change made bringing this into the centre.

Lovely display lots of colours – JB


Lovely variety

Lovely exhibits, good selection of arts

Great to see this pop-up art shop back. Showcasing local talent. Particularly like the work of Angie Lynn.  D Edmonds of Alvechurch

Anne my house in Foxlydiate Cres was haunted by a monk it was very errie (sic) I need really to write a book just to let people now (sic) how bad Foxlydiate was. Ms T Hill

Excellent collections of talented Artists Work. The mixture on show draws you to linger longer. Nice to see diversity in one small exhibition. Great! S Hibbert of Alvechurch

A lot of beautiful artwork showing a lot of skill and talent.

Me likes the different pictures they have amazing skills to do this. Well done and keep painting. Katrina Forrest (age: 10)

The painting are stunning and please keep on painting and drawing your art never give up Bethany Spencer aged 12

Great to see the NEW College graduates making their mark – KEEP ON DOING IT!! Chris House!!

What a fasintion (sic)ART taste and so much fun and colour S Mullen

Thank you, I really enjoyed it David Tillotson


These art work has really inspired me. Thanx Khalood (Age 15)

I enjoyed looking at these art works. Yunis Alkahleny 13

Two words “incredible, period”  Khaled(?) 16

I enjoyed looking at these works as well James Beattie