Arts in Redditch

Steve Pound

Vibrant Oil Paintings with a strikingly unusual style which has been called ‘Surrealist, Abstract, Psychedelic, Synthetic, Esoteric, Gothic and Cyberpunk.

Bursting with colour the bizarre paintings by Artist Steve Pound tell many a crazy story and will have you twisting your brain as you search for meaning to the madness.

Steve was born in Leamington Spa in 1974 and has been painting with oils for over 30 years. He studied Fine Art and Graphic Design in the early 1990’s in Warwickshire and has also studied digital design and produces graphic design too. He moved to Redditch shortly afterwards and has created a multitude of artwork. Though mastering and excelling in the use of classic painting techniques he realized they were not fulfilling his hunger for colour, themes and shapes and consequently embarked on a journey that became colourdrunk.

Oil Paintings on Canvas by Redditch Artist Steve Pound.