Pop-up Gallery Artists Conditions

1 Allocation of space. Every artist accepted for the gallery will be offered an equal amount of space, this will vary according to the size of the shop unit. Artists may fill the space with as many exhibits as is reasonable.  Any unused space may be used by another artist.  Anything too large for this space needs to be brought to our attention and discussed before spaces are allocated.

2 Artists new to us will be asked to submit three digital images of their work for consideration by our artists approval panel. Artists will be approved after considering quality and variety of work, links with Redditch and compliance with these conditions.

3 All artists must be over 16 years of age

4 Every exhibit must be new to our galleries.  No item can be exhibited more than once in our galleries.

5 A 15% commission will be retained from all sales.  AIR is now registered as a charity, and these commissions will help to fund our future work.

6 All works must be available for sale

7 All work must be priced, together with artist, title and media and labelled on the reverse or concealed side of the work. This information should also be submitted to AIR, who will produce display labels.  Prices cannot be changed during the course of the exhibition.

8 All artists must agree to a one day ( 6 hours) or equivalent minimum duty session in the gallery undertaken by themselves or a friend or relative who must be over 18 years of age. (in exceptional circumstances this could be assistance in setting­ up and striking) In addition we request that all artists  give us one day or equivalent during the term of the gallery, when they can be called upon at short notice to cover no more than a two hour session if needed through sickness of a volunteer.

9 All work must be framed or otherwise presented to a professional standard and ready for hanging with suitable wire or cord

10 All artists need to submit an up-to-date personal biography written in third person, of approximately 250 words, together with a recent digital portrait or action (painting) photograph of themselves

11  Sold exhibits cannot be taken until the last day, The only exception to this are stock items such as cards, unframed pictures and prints in the browsers, and any other items THAT ARE NOT ON DISPLAY which you will be advised of at the commencement of duty. Unsold exhibits may not be removed before the exhibition officially closes (4.00 pm on last Sunday) The exhibition displays, which will be recorded photographically from the commencement, must not change for the duration of the exhibition.  This is a key rule in our agreement with Kingfisher Shopping Centre.


12 Demonstrations of ‘work in progress’ are done in or near the gallery if space is available o help to attract visitors to the gallery. Please advise if you can be available to do demonstrations (not during duty sessions)


separately. If less space is needed, this needs to be notified so that space can be re-


9/ All work is displayed at artists risk.

A discussion took place about Kingfisher Quilters. As the work was not for sale and as

the unit took up a large space, we may not be able to accommodate them. Marcus

Bartlett’s work was also discussed and it was suggested that he could have his folder on

view for people to browse through. It was also felt that the Jewellery could be

accommodated as an additionality and some of the above rules would not apply.

We then set the following deadlines

th September End date for all expressions of interest


th September List of artists (including reserve list) decided


th October All biogs and photographs to be submitted


Paula Hamilton then stated that she would write a short article giving us some pre-

publicity in the August edition of the Alvechurch Village Magazine.

The meeting closed.

Note from MH. An additional rule, not discussed, needs to be “work must not be removed

from the exhibition until closure on the last day”. Please let me know if you disagree with

this, and we will discuss it when we meet again.

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