Arts in Redditch

Arrow Valley Park Sculpture Trail

When you enter the Arrow Valley Countryside Park  all seems peaceful and quiet. But behind the trees, in the lake and even underground there is a hidden world of creatures leading very busy lives! Explore the Family Art Trail to discover some of the animals and birds that inhabit the park.Redditch Borough Council have worked in partnership with Harlequins Orienteering Club to create a new orienteering course in Arrow Valley Countryside Park. As part of this course we have commissioned a Family Art Trail. We hope you enjoyed your journey around the sculpture trail and discovered lots of creatures along the way!

1. At the entrance to the Trail look down. Which animals do you think have just run in ahead of you?

2. Look up to see the Barn Owl swooping out from the tree.

3. Find a creature swimming across the surface of the stone

4. Ssshh! Who is asleep behind this stone?

5. Be quick! The rabbit dives down into his burrow.

6. Can you see the newt drifting in and out of the reeds?

7. At the end of the trail look for the footprints of a water bird that has walked across your path.