Arts in Redditch

Redditch Arts Council exists to grant aid arts projects.  Grants up to £500, or in some cases £750 are available for your projects

The Redditch School of Art Trust

NEW College gave a some of money to the town in compliance with a covenant on the sale of the Old Library building in Redditch Town Centre

Redditch Arts Council manage these funds, which were given to support  visual art projects in Redditch and have an educational benefit.

Any successful grant application that is received by Redditch Arts Council and meets the criteria will be funded from these reserves.  Your application does not need to specify this fund.

There are of course rules to comply with in order to obtain a grant.  These are too detailed to list here but the main ones are:

Becoming a Member of the Arts Council

The Redditch Arts Council is made up of arts activists, either in their own right or as representatives of clubs and societies, elected at our AGM.  We meet approximately four times per year to decide and award grants.  Vacancies frequently occur so if you are eligible and would like to become a member please contact one of the above.

Henry Foster 1924-2011

Henry Foster was a Redditch based artist who left a legacy of over 600 paintings when he died.  Redditch Arts Council catalogued and exhibited his work with the help of Webheath Digital Photographic Society. One of his pictures is shown below.

Chairman Malcolm Hall

Treasurer Sally Whytehead

Redditch Arts Council