Arts in Redditch

Shane Brannon

I’m a self-taught Artist living and creating in Redditch. I have always loved drawing, as far back as I can remember, but really picked up a passion for painting on a gap year that I spent travelling Australia seven years ago. Whilst out there I really wished that I could  have painted what I was seeing as a photo just felt a little too flat and lifeless. So on my return I set about my mission of teaching myself to paint. to bring back some lasting mementos from my trips (as I love travelling) and hopefully something that may brighten up somebody else’s life.

Now many youtube videos later I feel about ready to start showing my work to the public and prey that people may like them too. I like to work in Watercolour, Acrylic and Oil, painting pretty much anything that comes to mind but land and seascapes are my true passion. I’m hoping to get around the country a bit later this year painting on location which will hopefully be on my online shop in the not too distant future at

I also take commission work too where I can be contacted on

The Lighthouse St Ives


San Giorgio From Piazza San Marco Venice