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About Arts in Redditch

Who are we?

Arts in Redditch was established three years ago and has been registered as a ‘Charitable Incorporated Organisation’ (CIO). The current trustees are Malcolm Hall (Chairman), Philip Roberts (Secretary),  Alison Edwards and Huw Moseley, but as a membership organisation, there will be opportunities for active members to be elected as additional trustees in the future.

What do we do?

Acting as an umbrella body for arts organisations and creative individuals, Arts in Redditch will work to enable increased access to and participation in, all forms of creative activity in Redditch and the surrounding area.

Arts in Redditch will use its capacity and resources to advance public understanding and appreciation of the arts, including the allocation of grants and other funding to support new and existing arts initiatives.

As part of its remit, Arts in Redditch will promote opportunities and facilities for recreation or other leisure time activities, for the benefit of all individuals and groups in the area, with the object of improving the health and well-being of those people.

Who do we Support?

Quite simply, we support people and organisations who are currently participating in any form of creative activity, or interested in becoming involved. Participation includes actually delivering the artistic activity – music, drama, visual arts for example – but also suppoorting those activities as audience members. Our purpose is to help people to discover the joys of participating in the arts, as well as the benefits to personal and communal well-being.

How do we operate?

As a new CIO, we are in the early stages of developing our range of services to local arts organisations and individual participants, however, here are some examples of the work we do:

  • Website & social media, promoting events and connecting people
  • Organising events, such as our Pop-Up Galleries
  • Making grants for new projects and initiatives (see ‘Redditch Arts Council Grant Schemes’)
  • Identifying unfulfilled demand for relevant leisure activities, and finding ways to meet them – for example, The Kingfisher English Country Dance Club, set up in 2015
  • Creating ways to showcase local arts groups, helping to increase membership and followers

 IGM report. CIO constitution

2016 AGM

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