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Oral history and encouraging local authors.

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A useful gift for any occasion. Over ninety public houses and hotels are featured in this book. Every hostelry has a story to tell, some were patronised by royalty. others were smugglers' dens or the local 'pick-up joint'. Some were caught up in the civil wars of the 1600s, others were a venue for an illicit romance. A few have even been involved in a murder. Above all, in every one, a ghost has made its presence felt.

Mike Johnson and I have 15 booklets where Mike has interviewed notable people in Redditch.

Wire bound, just 100 printed. Cost: £5 to acquaintances.  Includes 27 of my husband\'s cartoons. Describes life in the Birmingham blitz and being evacuated. Also tells how I blew up the science lab and  why I got thrown out of nursing, together with marrying an artist and having undiagnosed twins. Comments so far: hilarious.