Arts in Redditch

Pop Up Gallery

Our next pop-up gallery in Kingfisher Shopping Centre opens on Thursday 26th April  until 6th  May.

Opening times (subject to change) will be:-

Saturdays 09.00 to 5.00pm

All other days 10.00 to 4.00pm

The gallery will be situated on Walford Walk opposite Marks and Spencer (subject to change)

 Tony Banks

Mike Barber

Kim Bellamy

Eileen Byrne

Ella Colley

Richard Crabtree

Lyn Davies

Sarah Delaney

David Dolphin

Nicki Ellis

Sarah Emeny

Linda Falla

Angela Floyd

Linda Franklin

Charlotte French

Sue Green

Emma Green

John Gumbley

Joan Gumbley

Sue Harley

Pat Harris

Pat Harris

Paul Harrison

Moe Howard

Tony Hodgkinson

Catherine Hughes

Sarah Hussey

Jackie Kirby

Lisa Landreth

During the period of opening, a number of demonstrations will take place, space permitting.

Renee Landreth

Kat Lavender

Jared Lecuteur

Steve Leonard

Deborah Lloyd

Anne Mantell

Christine Marshall

Mary Moore

Nadine Oakey

Bethany Pearce

Vivien Pickstone

Steve Pound

Peter Procopiou

Len Pugh

Roger Ricketts

Helen Rogers

Mari Scotson

Lynda Sharp

Val Sifford

Christine Skirrow

Jo Smith

Sabina Szeles

Graeme Tozer

Sandra Wadkin

Eric Watson

Steve Williams

Bryonie Williams

Graham Wilson

Artists to be featured include