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Data Protection Policy



Arts in Redditch (AIR) respects the privacy of its’ Members, Friends and other people for whom it holds data, and is committed to compliance with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulations. This policy sets out the basis on which that commitment will be put into practice.


This Policy applies only to Personal Data held by AIR in respect of its Members, Friends, registered Artists and other contacts – its ‘Data Subjects’ - and is limited to the following:


Home address and postcode

Home telephone number

Mobile telephone number

E-mail address

Photographs (for exhibiting artists)

 Banking details


Arts in Redditch retains the data set out in the Scope of this policy, inter-alia, for the following purposes:

 To inform its Data Subjects about the work of AIR and of other arts organisations which it seeks to promote.

 To engage with those Data Subjects for the purposes of event organisation, including the provision & management of opportunities for participation in creative activities.

 To comply with the requirements of the Constitution of AIR, adopted on 22nd July 2015, and approved by the Charity Commission on 17th August 2016, regarding notification of meetings.

 To allow AIR to process grant applications which it receives from time to time from local arts organisations.

 For any other purposes consistent with its’ Objects/Charitable Purposes set out in its’ Constitution.

Personal Data relating to the Data Subjects will not be made available to third parties, including other Data Subjects (see ‘Communication’).

Some Personal Data, for example, the biographies displayed in Pop-Up Galleries and other exhibitions, will be available to public view. See ‘Right to Anonymity’.

Obtaining Personal Data

Personal data is obtained from prospective Members & Friends via paper applications forms, and by online application to . From 25h May 2018, application forms include a statement that Members & Friends agree to AIR using the information for communication purposes. Paper application forms are scanned for holding electronically & immediately shredded.

In addition, e-mail and postal enquiries are received from prospective exhibitors, grant applicants, member organisations, and other organisations seeking support from AIR; these invariably include some personal data.

Holding  Personal Data

Personal data relating to Members, Friends, artists and other contacts are held by AIR using a Google account – Drive, Contacts & Gmail - to which two individuals, Malcolm Hall (Chairman) and Philip Roberts (Secretary) have access. Access is password protected, and passwords are regularly changed.

Financial data are held for exhibiting artists, to allow electronic payment of sales receipts. These data are held in on-line banking facilities with Lloyds Bank plc to which Malcolm Hall (Chairman) and Philip Roberts (Secretary) have sole access, and are subject to normal online banking security arrangements.

All computers used to access these accounts are protected by passwords, and appropriate anti-virus software.

Reviewing, Amending & Deleting Personal Data

Any individual for whom AIR holds Personal Data is entitled to have sight of those data, can require amendments where those data are inaccurate, and can request deletion of those data. Such requests should be submitted in writing (by e-mail) to the Chairman, Malcolm Hall.

When Personal Data no longer need to be retained, they will be deleted or archived.

Data Controller

The Data Controller for AIR is Malcolm Hall, Chairman.


AIR regularly sends messages, newsletters, photographs and other documents by e-mail to the Data Subjects covered by this policy. All such e-mails will be sent ‘bcc’ – blind copy – to listed recipients, so as not to share e-mail addresses in contravention of this policy. The same approach will apply to forwarding e-mails received by AIR.

Right to Anonymity

If any Data Subject makes such a request in writing to the Data Controller, their personal data may be omitted from public displays & other media presented by AIR.

Amendments to this Policy

This Policy will be reviewed by the Trustees of AIR from time to time, but if any Data Subject considers that this policy requires amendment or clarification, they should submit their request in writing (by e-mail) to the Data Controller.

Malcolm Hall


Arts in Redditch


Approved by the Arts in Redditch Steering Committee, 16th July 2018